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WhatsApp is a mobile application for smart phones which lets its users communicate via instant messaging, phone calls, group chats, and voice recordings. Downloading the app as well as using it is free of charge. The app uses the phone’s internet connection to work (data plan or Wi-Fi), thus, all communication, even internationally, is available without any fees or charges. WhatsApp users are always logged in which makes it possible for them to use WhatsApp and to be reached through WhatsApp at any time. If there is no internet connection available at the time a message is originally sent, WhatsApp will store the message and send it at a later time.

Key functionality

WhatApp Messenger lets users exchange text messages, emojis, pictures, voice messages, videos, and files. Individual and group chats are possible. When a new message arrives, the user gets notified and sees a red badge on the app icon on their phone screen. If user choose the settings accordingly, they can see when their message was received and read by the other person.

Who uses the tool

Number of countries WhatsApp is used in
Number of countries WhatsApp is used in

Percentage of monthly WhatsApp users that use it daily:

Pedological Purposes
  • Channel for faster communication between teachers and students.
  • Create learning groups
  • Stay in contact with students outside the class
  • Possibility to send learning videos and graphics


Privacy & user data

The app collects the following types of information from all users:

WhatsApp’s privacy policy claims that the company has great respect for its users’ privacy. They collect, however, as other services, user data. One aspect of the WhatsApp policies is the fact that they encrypt messages, which, according to them, means that it is not possible for third parties or for WhatsApp themselves to read the contents of WhatsApp messages.  Certain user information is collected automatically: usage and login information, transactional information for payments, device information, cookies and status information

The app uses this information to:

According to WhatsApp, the information is collected to help them operate, customise, support, understand, market, improve and provide their services.

Using the tool for PROMOVET


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