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Google Duo is a video calling up. It offers one-to-one calling via Google, as part of the various tools developed and offered by Google. It is considered to be a very user friendly video chat/video calling app for phones and tablets, with good connectivity and stable connection for chatting and video. It has good reviews by users in terms of its use, characteristics, and connectivity.

Key functionality

  •  Compatibility: Accessible through all mobile devices in all platforms with phone sim card.
  •  Interface: It is a very simple app and as such its usability its very intuitive.
  •  Security: End-to-end encryption which makes the app very secure.

Who uses the tool

Total Users
Pedagogical purposes:

Face to face chats


Privacy and user data

The app collects the following types of information from all users:
  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • Microphone and Camera
  • Phone number
The app uses this information to:
  • Phone number is requested in order to verify the account

Using the tool for PROMOVET

  • The fact that the tool is simple to use and can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones
  • It can be used for video chats between the educator and students (one-to-one video calls) for guidance, consultation, feedback and to provide any necessary help and support.
  • The main limitation is that the tool is meant to be used for one-to-one video chats, therefore it cannot be used as a tool for group video calls or to host any synchronous call with the whole class.

Video Tutorial

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