Facebook messenger is a tool for online, social media communication. The app can be downloaded for free and is available in 27 languages (among them are the PROMOVET partner languages English, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, and Spanish). For all activities done with this app the user’s data plan or, when available, Wi-Fi is used, which means that no extra charges apply (other than data charges), even when communicating with people in other countries. All messages sent through this app are stored in the chat app and can be accessed later on.


Key functionality

Facebook messenger works like a chat or text messaging service where people can exchange instant messages to communicate with each other. In addition to messages consisting of only text and/or emojis, it is possible to send pictures and videos (both either taken from the phone’s camera roll or newly taken with the camera), voice messages (where a short audio recording is made and sent to the other person) and also to make voice and video phone calls. Text-based messages can be decorated with stickers. Through Facebook Messenger people can either communicate with one other person at a time or with several at once in a group chat.

Who uses the tool

Total Users

Percentage of teenagers that use Facebook Messenger on a daily basis:


Percentage of people globally that use Messenger on a monthly basis:


Average number of messages sent per user per month:


Facebook Messenger is used by Facebook users, mostly to share private information or additional comments that may or may not be connected to posts on Facebook. It is a practical tool for exchanging private messages which refers to anything happening on Facebook without the public exposure provided by Facebook itself. Through Facebook Messenger, Facebook members can also contact other members without having to be friends with them.

Pedagogical purposes:
  • Exchange of information and knowledge
  • The possibility of sending private information to students
  • Logistic and organizational management of classroom communication
  • Being available for help
  • It can improve the relationship with students


Privacy & User data

The app collects the following types of information from all users:

As this app is clearly and closely linked to Facebook, and is developed by Facebook Inc., there might be some concerns regarding user data privacy. According to the Facebook data policy, all Facebook brands have the same privacy policies, but it is stated that various points of these policies differ according to the service you use. Facebook collects information about the activity of users and the information they share, as well as about people’s networks and payments.

The app uses this information to:
According to the privacy policy, this information is used to improve and develop services, to communicate with the users, to choose matching ads and to keep facebook a safe place.

Using the tool for PROMOVET


Video Tutorial

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