Kahoot! is the name of a game-based learning platform. It is used in classrooms, offices, in social settings and other scenarios. Kahoot! is available via most web browsers (http://kahoot.it) or the Kahoot! App. The idea behind Kahoot! is that players answer questions on tablets or phones and share their answers via screen. The basic version is for free. Kahoot! allows players to create new games or choose from over 30 million already existing kahoots

Key functionality

Kahoot! allows you to create a fun learning game with multiple-choice questions in minutes. Those games are called “kahoots”. You can add as many questions as you like and even add videos or images.In order to create a new game, you have to sign up at getkahoot.com and choose the settings, the questions and the correct answers. After saving the progress, the questions are shared on a large screen and the players choose the answers on their mobile devices.They only need to enter a game PIN in order to take part in the kahoot game.

Who uses the tool

Number of questions answered every second:
Number of countries where kahoot is used:
Number of kahoots hosted globally every second:


Privacy & User data

The app collects the following types of information from all users:

Kahoot! The provider AS takes the privacy of Kahoot! users very seriously. It’s very important for the company to use organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect the Personal Information of users on the platform and mobile apps. By providing Personal Information to Kahoot! AS, the user agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

The app uses this information to:

They collect Personal Information through various ways and use it for example to personalize the experience while using their service. Moreover, they share Personal Information in different ways to 3rd party services

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