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Hangouts is the popular Google communication service, which is available within Gmail, on PCs and Android and iOS smartphones. The particularity of this application is to offer a wide range of services as, in addition to classic messaging, offers the opportunity to make video calls, VoIP calls and video conferencing.

Key functionality

  • Phone calls, video calls and the photo sharing: service within the email box and does not require the installation of additional applications.
  • Group Hangouts: allow you to chat with up to 100 people at the same time. To activate Hangouts from the Google Chat menu, simply open Hangouts in Gmail, click on the profile photo at the top of the chat list and, at this point, click on the item Try the new Hangouts. Gmail will update itself automatically and you can start using HangoutsAccessible through computers & mobile devices.
  • User accounts: Users need to have a Gmail account.
  • Messages: Send text messages with Google Voiceor Project Fi phone number.
  • Post privacy options: By using the “Call Phone” feature of Hangouts (the “Service”) you agree to be bound by the Google Terms of Service, User Content and User Policy, the Google Privacy Policy, and these terms and additional conditions (I “Terms of Service”). It is important to consult all these documents because together they constitute a legal agreement between you and Google regarding the use of the Service.
  • Sync: Hangouts sync automatically across devices. If you start a Hangout on your computer, you can continue your chat on another device, like your phone.

Who uses the tool

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Privacy & User data

The app collects the following types of information from all users:
  • Analytics information;
  • Cookies and similar technologies;
  • Log file information;
  • Device identifiers;
  • Metadata – technical data that is associated with User Content.
The app uses this information to:
  • Provide, maintain, protect and improve them, to develop new ones, and to protect Google and our users.
  • Tailored content – like giving more relevant search results and ads.
  • Use the name you provide for your Google Profile across all of the services we offer that require a Google Account.
  • Record of communication to help solve any issues you might be facing.
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